Takahiro Mizuno
Takahiro anime
Character information
Gender Male
Hobbies Jousting (Formerly)
Taking care of the horses
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Takahiro Mizuno is the main protagonist of Walkure Romanze: Shōjo Kishi Monogatari.


Takahiro is a very diligent young man who is very kindhearted. Indeed, his kind nature has earned affections from several girls which might be another reason that he is wanted to be a squire.

He is very attached to jousting ever since he was a child.


Takahiro is a Winford school sophomore in the Greither Department major base. He was a genius knight that had been touted as undefeated junior department of Joust in their native Japan since he was a child in Japan. He had to study abroad in order to try to be active in a number of tournaments, he stays with his cousin Ayako Hiiragi.

Takahiro met and befriended Mio Kisaki, a girl who lived in the same neighborhood as him and they have become best friends with her even supporting him in his matches. A few years ago, Takahiro studied under Julianus Aintree for the tournament In order Joust became difficult by the aftermath of serious injury in the final, was turning to base Greither to give up the way of the knight. From the observation force and many years of experience, it is excellent in that you read the state of behavior and horse opponent knight.

Although proven little as a squire, he has hidden talent that is recognized by Celia Cumani Aintree the younger sister of his former master Julianus Aintree, Noel Marres Ascot, Akane Ryuuzouji and Lisa Eostre at the advice of Reina F. Avary. From this attention, Mizuno has been asked to serve as their squire for the tournament. However, there seems to be another reason that he is wanted as many of the girls seem to hold feelings for him.

Although the horse is not particularly to its ownership, he has a horse named Sakura who is often called "spring breeze".