Mireille Marres Ascot
Mireille Marres Ascot
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Gender Female
Hobbies Knights
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Mireille Marres Ascot is a heroine of Walkure Romanze: Shōjo Kishi Monogatari.


Noel's Younger Sister by Ascot Marquis second daughter. When I was young, I was injured in a leg injured by an accident in which Noel was careless, and I am sending a wheelchair life, but he himself does not hurt any older sister, and he is supporting the elder sister who plays Jost. Noel responds to Mireille 's expectations and aims to win in order to encourage her. In the Noel route, I also missed Takahiro who began dating with Noel, and they were showing up in such a way as to say themselves as "brother Baka" "sister stupid". He is a marvelous granddaughter but has a deep knowledge of cooking, and has a skill to handle Takahiro who is out of tongue never without. In Noel's after-story of "More & More", I pointed out a sharp point when I watched practice from the depth of knowledge of Jost.